June 15, 2010

post art

Recycled postcards. Express yourself with mail art, why send boring postcards when you can send cool handmade postcards. These summer themed cards are made from recycled cardboard and magazine clippings. On the back I put a line to divide the message from the address. I used a regular postage stamp, as it is thicker than post card requirements. FYI, postcard sizes can be a minimum of 3 1/2" x 5" and a maximum of 4" x 6" and no thicker than .007" thick. A postcard stamp today costs 28 cents in the continuous USA.

Also, Click on this envelop to link to an envelop project... the envelope project


***Interested in more mail/letter things? check out stationery , envelops,  and ATC's.***


AIDY said...

You keep yourself so busy! These are great! I may need some of those as well :D

Melody said...

I really like your ideas, Tracy. You are absolutely amazing...

Joana G. said...

I love the idea of the handmade postcards... I'm a Earth lover! But I wished that people could appreciate them... i just think some people do not appreciate some handmade things because they are waiting for more "commercial things".. Lovely blog.


CrystaL* said...

I came to your site from the Meet Me at Mikes Page. Great envelope for the project and I love your postcards. I am going to have to make me some of those. Thanks for the inspiration.
Hope your having a wonderful week!