April 29, 2010


Who doesn't love going to the mailbox and seeing in the pile an envelop with real handwriting on it? People generally do not correspond with hand written letters anymore. But what about those without computers, email, or facebook? Do your children know how to address an envelop, create a greeting or salutation? At least there is still occasion for snail mail with birthday, holiday and thank you cards... But, for those of us who still write letters, you need something to write on. There are some nice stationery's, but not too many choices as in the past. Why not make your own? I recently had a day getting caught up on my letter writing and made stationery because I was out. Here are some of what I made: 1- take a photo on the computer and lighten to a simple background image. 2- "cut out" a flower on the computer and put image in a corner. 3- get out your stamps and go crazy! 4- get out your markers, paints, pens and fill in the blanks around your letter.
By the way, REASONS TO WRITE: 1- excitement for the recipient at the mailbox. 2- it is personal from or to you 3- handwritten letters are records, it shows the individuality of someone by their own unique handwriting or mail art. Even written "mistakes" are charming. 4- sending snail mail will keep the USPO in business. 5-  the daily happenings you write of will be interesting to your grandchildren someday. 6- it really does not take that long.  How long does it take you to write an email? Additional time is your addressing an envelop and putting a stamp on it. 7- it's fun! 8- and lastly, KEEP THE LOST ART OF LETTER WRITING ALIVE!    P.S. a stamp today costs 44cents.

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