April 29, 2010


Who doesn't love going to the mailbox and seeing in the pile an envelop with real handwriting on it? People generally do not correspond with hand written letters anymore. But what about those without computers, email, or facebook? Do your children know how to address an envelop, create a greeting or salutation? At least there is still occasion for snail mail with birthday, holiday and thank you cards... But, for those of us who still write letters, you need something to write on. There are some nice stationery's, but not too many choices as in the past. Why not make your own? I recently had a day getting caught up on my letter writing and made stationery because I was out. Here are some of what I made: 1- take a photo on the computer and lighten to a simple background image. 2- "cut out" a flower on the computer and put image in a corner. 3- get out your stamps and go crazy! 4- get out your markers, paints, pens and fill in the blanks around your letter.
By the way, REASONS TO WRITE: 1- excitement for the recipient at the mailbox. 2- it is personal from or to you 3- handwritten letters are records, it shows the individuality of someone by their own unique handwriting or mail art. Even written "mistakes" are charming. 4- sending snail mail will keep the USPO in business. 5-  the daily happenings you write of will be interesting to your grandchildren someday. 6- it really does not take that long.  How long does it take you to write an email? Additional time is your addressing an envelop and putting a stamp on it. 7- it's fun! 8- and lastly, KEEP THE LOST ART OF LETTER WRITING ALIVE!    P.S. a stamp today costs 44cents.

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April 25, 2010


The collage is my most favorite form of visual art to create. The possibilities are endless. On this one I used an oval wood base, gave it a lavender wash for some color with some of the wood peeking through. I did some cutting and pasting from scrapbook and vellum papers. Then just gave it a couple coats of modge podge to finish.

This one I have posted in my recycle section. I used three dimensional objects for this: wood, metal, plastic, buttons, glitter, pom poms, adhered with a clear gel tacky glue. All that was used in this were salvaged items stuffed in a cosmetic suitcase that I keep for future uses.

April 22, 2010

recycled shadowbox

First of all, HAPPY EARTH DAY! Remember every day is Earth day!

This is a one of a kind shadowbox, only 5 1/2" x 5 1/2". The base of this is packaging from some gift we had gotten. I painted the whole thing black, then attached a piece of handmade paper with flowers to the inside back. I then glued in a photo of an echinacea and a few dried, colored flowers. Added the quote and hung the metal butterfly.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."--Native American Proverb

April 21, 2010

card from leftovers

Save everything left over from projects. You can create all kinds of stuff from the scraps of decorative papers, loose stickers, etc. Save it all for later use. I made this card....all I did was cut and paste.

April 11, 2010

recycle tanqueray bottles

I've melted another bottle from its original form in the kiln. Two ideas came from this green Tanqueray bottle. the first was taking all the labels off the bottle, once melted, replace to original place. Turned into a former version of itself, I put cork on the back and sit it on a table. The second one I painted a daffodil on for hanging. The green glass really makes an impression on this one. It looks nice in the sun also.

April 10, 2010

recycle books into art

Got some books waiting to be given away or sold? Why not use them as an art medium? The "altered book" is a form of mixing medias that change the book from its original appearance or meaning into something completely different. What is so fun about this is you can use anything... paint,  pictures, magazine clippings, glitter, ribbon, rocks, shells, stickers. Glue pages together to make them thicker, make them thick enough and you can cut out pages to make little shelves or hidden compartments. Add your own writing or use the words in the book itself to enhance your own idea. The possibilities are endless and not expensive to express yourself. Here is one of the few I have made, this is made from a Jane Austen book (I have two of this one).

April 9, 2010


just photos...

Lake Havasu, Arizona

April 6, 2010

glass earrings

The glass earrings were more difficult than the necklaces (03/10/2010 post) because they are much smaller. I had to tweek the burn times, as too much temperature made them shrink and to little made them not lay down right. I make these abstract earrings with various pieces of  "warm" glass, cutting out shapes of colored glass, then layer, between the glass, I put some "kiln blanket, to create the opening for the earring assembly. With the right temperatures and hold times, they emerged beautifully. Here are a couple examples...

April 5, 2010

craft class - accordian books

Went to a woman's group (with men too), here is town. We had fun making this simple, accordian type book, that folds up flat. We filled this insides with our own collage flair of pictures and words. Everybody had a different idea, it was great!

To make you need three square pieces of paper, any size(we used 12" x 12"). Fold each into 4 squares. Then turn all pages to diamond shape and place all three side by side. Glue together: on first paper, the right square to the left square on second paper. Then on second paper, the right square to the left square of third paper. That is it for gluing. To fold: Place the far left square flat on table, fold in two squares next to it into two triangles to make a square. In the middle, do the same but in opposite direction, and so on until the whole thing is flat. It's easier than it sounds. Here are the pictures...

Here is a finished one.

And a picture of the fun fun class!

April 2, 2010

recycled patron bottle

Been experimenting with melting (or slumping) different used glass bottles in the kiln. It's cool how they come out with rounder, more exaggerated shapes. My friend gave me these Silver Patron bottles and this was the result. First, thoroughly cleaned and dried the bottles. Melted, cooled, then painted the design on the flat side, with glass specific paint (read instructions as they all vary). Sealed the paint. Used the cork from the actual bottle on the back as cushion for one of them. Wrapped copper wire around the top for the hanger. I feel the possibilities are endless with this idea. 

April 1, 2010

recycled easter basket

A simple projects, two Easter baskets.  The first is a recycled pineapple can that I cleaned then painted, put Spring stickers on and a couple layers of modge podge. Punched a hole on each side, then used two pipe cleaners twisted together for a handle. The second is a tin pail that was already painted, just used a glue gun to add the flowers and ribbon for dimension. I spent an hour on these total and they were ready for decoration and to fill with goodies.