April 5, 2010

craft class - accordian books

Went to a woman's group (with men too), here is town. We had fun making this simple, accordian type book, that folds up flat. We filled this insides with our own collage flair of pictures and words. Everybody had a different idea, it was great!

To make you need three square pieces of paper, any size(we used 12" x 12"). Fold each into 4 squares. Then turn all pages to diamond shape and place all three side by side. Glue together: on first paper, the right square to the left square on second paper. Then on second paper, the right square to the left square of third paper. That is it for gluing. To fold: Place the far left square flat on table, fold in two squares next to it into two triangles to make a square. In the middle, do the same but in opposite direction, and so on until the whole thing is flat. It's easier than it sounds. Here are the pictures...

Here is a finished one.

And a picture of the fun fun class!

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