March 31, 2010

decorated eggs

The egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the Earth in celebrations of spring (spring equinox). It was later adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus (Easter). Get together with loved ones and make some decorated eggs, we did. We used crayons, stickers, dye, paint, rubber bands, and designed cello that shrinks for our creations. Here are the results and it was a lot of fun. The golden eggs were the coolest. Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

March 28, 2010

recycled wine bottle

If you drink wine, especially on a semi-regular basis like me, you know how the bottles just fill up the recycle bin fast. At one point, I had given some bottles to my friend, Jess, and her group to make projects with. They painted them on the outside and used them for soap dispensers. I thought this was such a great idea! The one she gave me, I actually used for olive oil and then I painted one for myself and used it for balsamic vinegar. I love it! You have to get paint specifically for glass and follow the instructions, as they are all different. Make sure the bottles are clean, inside and out before you start. The spouts you can get at a kitchen, bath or grocery store.

The photo with two bottles: the left one Jess made, cool tree.

March 27, 2010


One definition of COLLAGE is a composition of materials and objects, often with unifying lines, color or theme. I love this medium, as it gives me a place to use some of the many, many photographs that I do have. It is so free in form and thought, the ideas can be endless and one could work on a collage in an afternoon or over the course of a month, if so inclined. This medium can express emotional, visual, social and political statements or generate ideas for other art projects, like writing or music. This medium is relaxing, inspiring and individualistic. In the excitement of what spring's potential will be, here is one I made from mostly pictures, a few stickers, some paint and glue.

March 25, 2010

recycled vintage easter card

I have a couple of friends that I go to antique shops, thrift stores and garage sales with, looking for whatever catches our eye. Sometimes clothes, sometimes stuff for the kitchen, sometimes just odd and ends, like books, cards, photos, records, jewelry- you get the picture. Found this card at an antique store, some old cards are very cool and the artwork on this particular one was intricate. It was torn, so I made two cards out of it. I used the actual card as the outside part and the inside is lined with a recycled shopping bag, I just put them together with a glue stick. The ribbon on the first one was on the original card, way cool!

March 23, 2010

paper mache flower ornaments

One thing I love is taking close up photos of flowers. All colors and varieties. Here is a series of some wildflowers in my area. For this project, I used single flower photos, a paper mache ornament blank (from the craft store), I painted the blank dark green, then took two copies of each photo (2 sizes), then used glittery modge podge to adhere. The flowers are: blue flax, echinacea, and mexican poppy. These really stand out on the christmas tree.

March 21, 2010

recycled toilet paper roll

We all go through it, here's one way to recycle them. Just cover the outside with whatever paper, stickers, paint, words, magazine clippings, etc. you like, put a little gift in some other paper or bag, place in the tube and tie the ends with ribbon. This is good birthdays, holidays, host gifts, or "party" favors.

March 19, 2010

recycled purse

We bought some new sheets and they came in a brown pouch. As I was looking at it, I decided it was a new purse, this part was to be the outside. Then I took the (clean) old sheet and cut out an inside lining, sewed it to fit.  I took felt and made three pockets on the lining, sewed them on to sizes for my phone, camera and a miscellaneous pocket. I had a piece of tan canvas for a strap in the closet. I then pinned the strap and the lining inside the already made outside part and then sewed it all together with a simple top stitch. To finish the outside front, I ironed on the blue flower patch. This took a couple of hours without any pattern.

March 18, 2010

recycled handle box

Eat salad? Wonder what to do with the big plastic container it comes in? They work great in the freezer to store things separately from other items. Or you can decorate and put a handle on it. Instant vessel to carry things or use as a purse. It closes tight enough to for stuff not too heavy. I use mine for markers/crayons/colored pencils/etc. To cover the clear box, first I sprinkled glitter on the outside, then with strips of purple paper and modge podge, covered the whole outside and lid. Once dried, I painted the outside black and placed a store bought black bamboo handle on top(just poke a whole and screw in). A fun different new box.

March 17, 2010

St. Patricks's Day

St. Patrick was the most commonly recognized of patron saints in Ireland. He was known to banish snakes from Ireland and also teaching the Irish about the concept of the Trinity by showing the shamrock. The day began as a Catholic holiday and now is a non-secular day for many people around the world. To celebrate their Irish heritage, dye rivers green or to drink green beer. The wearing of green and shamrocks have become a feature of the day, for good luck, kisses, etc. So, I made this shirt because my boss said to wear green to work today. I do like shamrocks, as they are green clover plants, but I am not Irish.

March 14, 2010

photo cards

To get a photo in the mail is something most people truly enjoy. I've been told this by many family and friends. Like to take pictures? Why not spread the love? Take your favorites and put them on a card for a special birthday, a favorite holiday or just to say hi. It's easy, buy a card and envelop blank set (get at any craft store), put photo stickers on the back of image, center and place on the card. Buy envelops in bulk and cut your own card out of any paper you like, this can be more creative and at times, less expensive. It is fun and very personal.

March 13, 2010


While having "spring fever", on another chilly night, I walked into the grocery store to get some beer to go with the basketball game I was going to watch later with my hubby. Front and center, was a display of fresh cut flowers, plants and other foliage. It was lovely. I was actually relieved to know among all the snowstorms this winter that flowers were still in existence. Silly, as I know they are blooming somewhere. That was just the desperate thought that went through my head at the moment. There were all colors and many types, I was so excited. I bought a bunch of the brightest & boldest that I saw. Of course I took some photos the next morning. Here's to the bloom, the freshest most showy portion of the flower!

March 12, 2010

recycled notebooks

Blank books, I use them all the time for various reasons and I have distinct ones for each different thing. I like them to be in all sizes and shapes, visually appealing, not boring and also to have recycled paper in them. Notebooks, journals, composition books, list pads are some of the types I've made or altered in a number of ways over the years. Here are examples of two I made recently from recycled cardboard. Other materials used were a photo, a recycled shopping bag, glittery decoupage, sticky pages for inside, recycled white paper and hemp for the tie. These are simple and one of a kind.

March 11, 2010

recycled bookmarkers

Mother Nature brought us another blizzard before spring is actually official. Me, like many others I know, are starting to get a little weary from the lack of being able to go outside and play. Cabin fever hit me hard yesterday, I just wanted a walk on a clear sidewalk with a little green starting to bud, while the birds chirped away. Lack of this led me to dig around my case of "stuff" that I keep (just in case I can use it in some kind of project),  with leftover cardboard, old postcards, magazine clippings, some paint and ribbon, I created a couple of visually bright flowery book markers with a cheery quote. Satisfies my visual need for sunshine and spring until is officially arrives...

March 10, 2010

glass necklace

I make these abstract necklaces with various pieces of  "warm" glass, either by cutting out shapes of colored glass, the use of glass beads or glass rods, then layer. In the layer I put some "kiln blanket" (which can be shaped (looks like a cotton ball) creates the opening for the necklace or jump rings), and  then put in my kiln to burn and see what emerges. I attached these to leather cord, along with decorative glass beads I got at the craft store to give a finished look.