June 22, 2010

Wild Summer

 With all the snow we got this winter, the wildflowers are blooming pretty early this year. Wildflowers usually peak in August, they are not peaking, but they are coming fast. It has become dry lately and still continues to be windy for us. The unfortunate part of the dry and wind is the wildfires and fighting them. Northern Arizona had three fires going on right now. Eagle Rock fire near Williams, is about 70% contained as of today, burning over 3400 acres. Hardy fire, right in town is 25% contained, but not growing, burning about 300 acres. The biggest as of now is the Schultz fire, which is about 10% contained as of today as of now, burning over 10,000 acres so far. There are over 800 firefighters taking care of business, they are heroes and studs. It is sad to see all the trees and the lovely trails out there burning. Here are a few pictures of some wildflowers and some wildfires.
 blue flax
 lupine close-up


 wild pink rose
 Schultz day 1 (view from my home)
 Schulz day 2 (view from my home)
Schulz day 3 (view from south side of mountains)
Schulz day 3 (view from north side of mountains)


Tonya said...

Been hearing lots about the fire on the news. Thanks for the update. Stay safe.

Melody said...

nice photos, Tracy...even the sad ones of the fire


wow, keep the photos and updates coming...

Seems like there needs to be more signs about camping smarts around Flagstaff. Maybe some posters or billboards. LOVE.V.

Hello! said...

Hey now! Coming back to check on your beautiful work! I sent you an email! Where are you -sniff-