June 20, 2010


HAPPY SUMMER!!! To bring in the Summer Solstice (the moment when the Earth is in that point of its orbit where the northern or southern hemisphere is most inclined toward the sun, also known as the longest day of the year and also known as the first day of summer) I would like to share with you Sangria. To me, making Sangria  means summer finally is here! It is a very tasty drink over ice, refreshing as well. Sangria is Spanish for "bloodletting",  it is a wine punch typical of Spain.  It normally consists of a light, dry, young, acidic, unoaked, fruity red wine; sliced fruit, often orange, lemon, apple, peach, berries, pineapple; a sweetener such as honey, sugar, simple syrup, orange juice, and/or fruit nectar;  a small amount of added brandy, triple sec, or other spirits; and ice and carbonated soda. Sangria is served throughout Spain and Portugal during summer. I have altered this slightly. 
  After much testing, here is my favorite recipe...

1 sliced lemon, lime, orange
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cup gold rum
-mix and chill for at least one hour
1 cup orange juice
1 bottle Cabernet Sauvignon 
-serve over ice

Why not make a batch to take to your dad's day bbg? This is an awesome picnic drink as well.


Maite - vitoma said...

Qué buena!!


gracias por la receta. Voy a prepararla !

se ve muy bien. besos.V.