June 30, 2010

recycled paper bags

Reuse those paper bags! A dozen things to do with paper bags.......

1-use as wrapping paper, with ribbons around for a finished touch. Wrap and paint the paper or paint the paper and wrap.

2- use as goodie bags to put homemade goods into like bread or preserves. Put some ribbon and a hang tag on it, gives is a nice presentation.
3-line the shelves in your cupboards, this eliminates any stain if you have spills.

4-line your cookie sheets when you run out of parchment paper, it is much cheaper.

5-make cards or envelops.
6-wrap a box for shipping stuff out.
7-use to remove wax from fabrics (put bag on wax stain, put old fabric or towel over that, then iron, the wax will come stick onto the paper bag).
8-book covers!
9-make little books; cut to size, layer up, punch holes and use eyelets to adhere together. Decorate the outside and use or give away.
10-reuse the big bags when you go shopping.
11-line trash cans.
12-shred and use for packaging material.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

These are great ways to recycle paper bags! I haven't even found stores that bag with paper anymore...or do you have to ask at the grocery store?