June 14, 2010

recycled aprons

A person can wear aprons for many things. Of course for cooking and baking, also while working on messy projects like painting or welding or gardening. Aprons can be custom made with pockets to hold essential tools for the task at hand. A fun part of making them is finding fabrics with various patterns to fit the reason for the apron or the personality of the wearer. I worked at a place where we had to wear aprons and kept them all. They were decent quality, and I decided to give them a makeover. I've altered two so far, one for the kitchen and one for crafting. With a small pattern for the kitchen one, I cut out and attached a veggie fabric to the sturdy green back apron and added pockets. For the craft apron, I used scraps, sort of cut and pin, then sew and it became an abstract apron with just the right amount of pockets I needed. This was a fun project with endless possibilities.

The blue fabric are two pockets.

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AIDY said...

I think these are fantastic as well. You only made two? I wish I knew how to do this kind of work!