May 7, 2010

reuse canning jars

What to do with a canning jar? 
1-       drink your coffee or juice out of it 
2-       make your favorite preserve 
3-       decorate it, fill it with homemade candy, fudge or mini cookies and give as a gift 
4-       fill with potpourri, cover top with a decorative material instead of lid and smell 
5-       use it as a coin bank 
6-       use it as a pen, pencil, marker holder 
7-       use it to hold water to rinse off your paintbrushes 
8-       store nails, tacks, brads, beads, thread, etc. 
9-       put colorful seasonal candy in it for display (candy corn) 
10-   fill with dry ingredients of a favorite treat, put a recipe & bow on it, give as a gift 
11-   steal these ideas, I did

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