May 13, 2010

photo albums

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, I love to take photos of the sights in my view or of my people. I like to organize my photos in sort of smaller type theme books. I have found some albums that I like and will use, but I have come up with one I created that is my favorite. I have over 20 of these and have made some for gifts. They look really cool on the bookshelf with all the many colors I use.

This is a fairly simple book to bind. I start out with a piece of thick paper, usually water color paper. I cut into an approximate 7 1/2" x 12" rectangle. Using acrylic paint, I coat one side with two or three colors, one as a base and the others with a pattern or sponge. Once dry, I give a coat of modge podge, so it will not scratch. Then I fold in half, punch a hole about an inch from each end on the fold. Figure out how many pages are needed for the inside and use card stock, about 5" x 7" size pre-made cards. On the fold of each card, punch holes about 3/4" from top and bottom, this measurement is not exact, you need to make sure they line up with outside cover. Once everything is aligned, get a piece of matching ribbon or cord that will bind the book together. I start the ribbon from the outside and go in the holes, cross over, then out the holes and cross, then in again and tie into a knot. You could also tie on the inside, just start opposite. To attach my pictures, I use "photo squares", as they are archival.

the cover

the center, where the ribbon crosses

another page

 various colors
the bookself

"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away."--Eudora Welty

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The colorful books look cool together on the shelf!