May 28, 2010

mini bookshelf

A very cool antique find! I just love these books, they are the size of 3" x 4". From a collection called "Little Leather Library", it was founded in 1916. There were five different editions, of those only the first two were leather. The books I acquired were type 4, published 1920-1924. These books are worn, faux leather cover, brown pages on the inside, starting to rot, and they have an old musty smell. I love it!

I made a little bookshelf, as I ended up with 17 of these books. First, I used recycled cardboard and cut and shaped into a box, the size 6" length x 5" height, x 3 1/4" deep. I then covered the whole thing with old looking scrapbook paper, using modge podge as the adhesive. Next, I curled some copper wire into an edging around the front, for a decorative finish. I attached the copper with hot glue. Lastly, I filled with the books.

Some of the authors I got were Browning, Burns, Dumas, Emerson, Lincoln, Plato, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Thoreau, Washington, Wilde, Yeats.


Amy @ said...

Hi Tracy,

This is your new penpal Amy from Utah. It is so crazy but I have those exact books, well maybe different titles but I have about 8 of those. I love collecting really tiny books. I recently came across a collection of miniature encyclopedias that are around 100 years old or so...beautiful.

Maite - vitoma said...


AIDYsPoetry said...

Where did you get these books! Fantastic. I really like your work here.

TracyZcrafts said...

Amy, I just love these books. Aidy, I got them at an antique shop. Mucho Gracias Maite.