October 11, 2010

recycled book covers

I cleaned off my bookshelves and decided to take the book covers off all my hardcovers, creating an old library look. It ended up being quite a pile in the recycle bin, so I decided to make another blank notebook, that is only one sided. I cut the covers all to the same size, then pieced together, stapling to bind them. I then used recycled cardboard for the cover, which I left plain, except for the tie dye duct tape I used as the spine. It has a worn look that I will use for my new "idea" notebook. The cool thing is I am reminded of all the cool books I've read in the past.
 This is all the pages cut and stapled together.
 This is the cardboard cover with duct tape on spine.
 This is the inside cover with the duct tape as the connector of the pages and cover.
This is a blank page in the finished book.

"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it."--James Bryce

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Anonymous said...

cool idea!