September 21, 2010

fake flowers

I have never been a fan of fake or silk flowers, I hate how plastic they look and how dust gets on them and doesn't move. It reminds of me going to a great granny's house and smelling moth balls. As I was browsing the craft store and was amazed how "real" some actually looked. So, I found a couple of ways to use them. I created one arrangement with real lavender for fall, mixed with a rock, pumpkin and a plant in the display. Also, created a few gift wrap ideas with flowers and leaves. I find mixing them with organic objects is a nice way to add to an idea. Here they are...
Filled the vase with lavender and put flowers in- displayed all else around.
Simple with silver paper.
 These two on cool copper wrapping paper.
Got this sweet box and filled with preserves as a harvest gift.

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