August 29, 2010


"Green chile" is a very unique flavored pepper, mild or hot, they have a taste all their own. If you are not familiar, these peppers are of the capsicum species. They are from New Mexico, can range from mild to hotter than a jalapeno, and they come in grades of spiciness that caters to chile aficionados. The bulk of green chile are grown in and around Hatch, in southern New Mexico (allegedly considered the best green chile.) Green chilie's are those that are picked unripe; they are generally fire roasted, then peeled before further use. So, even if you do not like spicy food or peppers in general, try the mild and decide if you like the different type if flavor they have.

Go for it! What to eat them in?
*Any traditional type food you may use other peppers or chili powder in, like enchiladas, tacos, or burritos.
*Add to soups, guacamole, hummus, bean dip, corn bread, or peanut brittle. 
*Make jelly or syrup, this is awesome with a bagel and cream cheese.
*Stuff with cream cheese with cumin and garlic powder.
*Make a con queso with it.
*Mix with your eggs and cheddar cheese.


Anonymous said...

green chile tradition!


This is the best pepper ever!

Anonymous said...

PIZZA!!! One of the things I really miss about the Southwest is being able to get green chiles on my pizza!