August 19, 2010

calendar/day planner

First of all, go online and type in "free calendar templates", to determine what style of planner you would like. I then used decorative paper to print each month. On the back of each month I printed a blank page, so I can add whatever things I would like, for example lists of books, movies, songs or just photos, quotes, etc. To put together I used a binder that allows me to open the pages flat, so I can write easily in it.
the cover, collage using a recycled map and other scraps of paper, stickers, eyelets, etc.
examples of the month look I like along with the different papers
 an example of a "blank" page, so I can add stuff as time passes in the month.

What is so nice about this is the free style of it. You can include what is important or inspiring to you on a daily basis.

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Melody said...

great idea, Tracy...