December 19, 2010

holiday trees

The modern Christmas tree as we know it dates back to 16th century Germany. The decorations used at that time were various colors of paper roses, apples, wafers and sugar. The tree was first introduced in England in 1841 by the German, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. In the United States, the first trees came from German immigrants in Pennsylvania in 1821, although this is disputed by some.
Evergreens were a symbol of rebirth from ancient times. Various conifers such as spruce, balsam, firs, hemlock and pines were used as Christmas trees, the most popular type in North America being the Fraser fir.  
Here are some photos of various trees in the spirit of the season.
 our Christmas tree
funky department store trees
glass tree ornament 
desert tree, photo by David Plemmons

And lastly here are a few pics of some local trees in my area.

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